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Technical Specifications
Primitivo diManduria d.o.c. secco 2006 PRIMITIVO DI MANDURIA D.O.P. 16,50% by VOL., Dry Wine, Harvest 2008

ALCHOL: 16,50% by Vol.                                                                   GRAPE VARIETIES: primitivo 100%                                         PRODUCTION AREA: Manduria, Salento, Puglia                              CLIMATE AND SOIL: hot and often dry, marshy origin                      TRAINING SYSTEM: "alberello Pugliese", bush-vine                              YIELD PER HECTARE: 4 tonnes in average                                          FIRST YEAR OF PRODUCTION: 2000                                                 FIRST YEAR OF VINES PRODUCTION: 1966                                HARVEST PERIOD: mid-September                                         HARVESTING SYSTEM: in baxes, 100% by hand                              AGING: inox-tanks for 9 months, then barriques for 12 months (20% new, 40 three years old, four years old, 40% barriques five years  old)                       GOES WELL WITH: pasta dishes, roasted meats and strong cheeses SERVING TEMPERATURE: 16 - 18 C                                            BOTTLE CAPACITY: 0,750 l.                                                                 

Deep ruby red colour, red jam, blueberry, anise, sweet spices, sandalwood and leather nose. The body is full and tasty with soft tan-nins and alcohol that create a good balance,  the elegance is surprising. Very long finish with sweet cherries notes. After 12 months of aging in oak barrels, reaches one of the most   complex and sophisticated olfactory compositions while maintaining the taste of indigenous grapes. It goes very well with horse and cow meat and mature cheese. 

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